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Smartlens Technology 

Smartlens has built the first electronic-free soft contact lens that is capable of simply and accurately measuring eye pressure at point of living, enabling anyone, anywhere to measure their eye pressure (IOP).​ Our lens flawlessly integrates microfluidic and contact lens technologies for eye pressure measurement. Users simply take a selfie of their eye while wearing the lens, and our smart imaging application does the rest, analyzing the image and providing a readout in real time.
Smartlens' convenient technology enables “on the go” measurements of eye pressure, which are sent directly to a medical provider from anywhere at any time. Our platform provides seamless measurement capabilities and helps improve treatment efficiency, reducing treatment cost and improving the medical community's understanding of the relationship between eye pressure and Glaucoma for better patient outcomes.
Non - Invasive
Non - Electronic
via EHR
Product in Development. Not Available for Sale