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Our Technologies

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Smartlens has built the first device enabling anyone, anywhere to monitor their eye pressure (IOP) in a convenient, accurate, and affordable way. ​​We have integrated contact lens manufacturing, microfluidics, and several other nanofabrication technologies for ultra-sensitive measurements. Patients simply take a selfie of their eye while wearing our lenses, and our imaging software does the rest, analyzing the pictures and providing the readout.

Smartlens’ flagship product miLens is an electronics-free device that enables “on the go” monitoring of IOP anywhere, at any time. Our platform provides seamless monitoring capabilities and helps improve early diagnosis of the disease and enables personalized treatments, thus reducing the prevalence of blindness, treatment costs, and its massive burden on lives and economies. 


miLens utilizes a novel, electronics-free sensor technology owned by Smartlens and protected by a portfolio of issued and pending patents covering more than 40 countries. Its technology is also being studied at Stanford University to monitor ICP associated with certain neurological disorders and cancers.

Smartlens' THERmic applies microdose personalized treatments based on the patient’s diurnal IOP. THERmic can work with all types of Glaucoma medications.


Smartlens owns a broad portfolio of clinical stage technologies that will improve Glaucoma management envisioning a world where Glaucoma can't rob people of their vision and quality of life.

Non Invasive
Electronics  Free
Easy To Use
Screening &
Disease Management
 Personalized Treatments
 Smart  Therapy
Ultra Sensitive
Any Time
Strong Clinical Data
Products in Clinical Trials.  Not Available for Sale

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